Incorporated Oct. 22, 1941


Panorama of the Outstation, which stretches from the boat at the left to the breakwater at the right.

Saltspring Marina - Home of our Outstation and Winter Cruising Station

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The Outstation at Saltspring Marina Opened July 1. We have 247' of main dock from the breakwater to Dock B. We are also allowed to raft for the 117' from the breakwater. Refer to the revised dock diagram. The Outstation arrangements were in effect to Oct. 15 after which time the winter Cruising Station arrangements are in effect until April 15. They give you 4 nights moorage during that period of time. Refer to the Cruising Station Rules for more information. A safety dock* is planned for next year. It will be located opposite our Outstation area. *It is not allowed to be called a party dock as that can affect insurance rates, we are told.

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ROYAL CITY YACHT CLUB is an active club whose emphasis is on cruising and social events.

Organized cruises begin as early as New Year's Day and continue throughout the year. Land events also occur, beginning with the Commodore's Ball in January and ending with a Christmas social when we support the Delta Christmas Toy Drive.

Looking for a low cost fun organization to belong to? You have just found it! Our emphasis is on social events and cruising. We are not mired in protocol, like some other clubs. With annual dues of only $650, you receive Outstation and Cruising Station privileges at Saltspring Marina, depending on the time of year, and Cruising Station arrangements at Telegraph Harbour Marina, and John Henry's Marina at Pender Harbour, reduced insurance rates from Dolphin Insurance, Hagerty Insurance, discounts from several suppliers, and many social events throughout the year, there is no downside! Click on the Membership Benefits link below for more information. Also, check out the photogallery and the video sections as well as the cruising stories and you will get a good idea of what we are all about.

Don't let our name fool you. Just because it starts with Royal City it doesn't mean we are located in New Westminster. In fact we do not have an exact location. We normally meet in Delta but we have members from all over the Lower Mainland and even out of Province who are attracted by our low annual dues, and our benefits like the Outstations, Reciprocals and the many activities and social events. We jokingly refer to ourselves as the Greater Vancouver Cruising Club because of this and the fact that our emphasis is on cruising events. Unlike most yacht clubs, we do not have a costly club house to maintain and/or docks. We are low on protocol and high on fun.

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