Below is a list of the pages or sections of this website updated during the last year;

Jan. 9 - Photos of
Steveston New Year's

Jan. 13 - have modified the
Outstation Rules page to reflect the change to Salt Spring Marina in April.

Jan. 13 - have updated the
Cruising Station Rules to reflect the change to 2 days per cruising season for John Henry's Marina

Feb. 12 - Added
Boat Show table photos.

Feb. 12 - Added
Commodore's Ball Photos

March 27 - Added
Steveston 2019

April 30 - Updated
Cruising Station and Outstation Arrangements

May 24 - Added photos of
Victoria Harbour Opening

June 2 - Added photos of the
Sailpast and Comm. Hank

June 18 - Added
Edmonds Batteries as Corp. Sponsor

Sept. 5 - Added Genoa Bay
Redneck Cruise

Oct. 13 - Added
Haida Gwaii Story - Updated.

Oct. 19 -
Added trip to the Great Bear Rainforest