Outstation and Cruising Stations

The ROYAL CITY YACHT CLUB's outstation is located in the heart of the Gulf Islands at Saltspring Marina in Ganges Harbour.  A sign-in book is maintained for club members to sign-in year round. There are some limits to length of stay and outstation rules can be found HERE.

Salt Spring Island is a destination retreat for people of all descriptions and means. The Island is home to a myriad of artisans of all disciplines, organic food growers, retirees and those who came for a visit and just never left. Several small airlines operate scheduled and chartered flights from various harbours and airstrips. BC Ferries offer several sailings a day to the mainland and inter-island destinations and there are a number of water taxis available for service.

Ganges is a perfect place to re-provision and no shopper will be disappointed with the variety and selection of goods to purchase or browse. Restaurants suitable to any taste and pocketbook are within walking distance from the harbour and live entertainment is featured during the summer months in an alfresco dining area that anyone moored on the village foreshore will be able to listen to.

General Guidlines

These cover procedures for all three marinas. For specific rules check each marina.

1. There is no requirement to phone ahead or make reservations, but, in the case of the cruising stations if you don't, like any other marina you run the risk of not having a place to stay. This does NOT apply to the Outstation as you can tie up any time as long as there is space.

2. When you arrive at the marinas, the first thing to do is go to the Office and register. Make sure you have your Membership card and you will not be allowed to stay there under the Cruising Station arrangements unless you do.

3. Don't forget to sign out when you leave. This is important for tracking purposes either at the Cruising Stations or the Outstation.

4. Follow all the normal rules of the marinas.


We have an Outstation arrangement with Saltspring Marina that starts April 15 to Oct. 15 and it is the intention to renew annually thereafter for 6 month periods each year. There is also a Cruising Station component, which will allow 4 days moorage in the off season.
Saltspring Marina website: https://saltspringmarina.com/

Below is a diagram of the docks. Our Outstation is shown at the bottom in red. The second shorter line indicates the area where we can raft.
Pasted Graphic

Members at the Outstation Dock often meet for a Happy Hour, Pot Luck Supper or Dine Out together.

Cruising Stations

Saltspring Marina

Saltspring Marina functions as a Cruising Station. Starting Oct. 16th each year members will be entitled to 4 nights moorage, including power, from then to April 14,the following year. Like the other cruising stations, moorage is not guaranteed but as this is winter season, this should not be a problem. Phone: 1 250 537 5810 or VHF 66A.

Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island -
http://www.telegraphharbour.com/ Members make their own reservations BY PHONE. The stay is limited to two nights between May 1 and Sept. 30. Check out the full set of rules regarding this Station by Clicking Here. Phone: 1-800-246-6011 also VHF 66A

John Henry’s Marina - Pender Harbour

Maximum stay is two TWO NIGHTS during the Cruising Season May 1 - Sept. 30.
Contact John Henry’s on VHF 66A or 604 883-2336. Check the full set of rules by clicking Here.

Click Here to see the dock plan.