RCYC Haida Gwaii Cruise
In the summer of 2012 three RCYC vessels completed a two month cruise from the Vancouver area to Haida Gwaii. These pictures, taken by Lynn McGill, cover the highlights of their trip. Click on the first picture to see it full size and then click on Next to see all the pictures. At the end, click on Home to return to this page. Enjoy! To read about this trip in more detail click on Haida Gwaii Story. (Sorry, I can't do a link from a photo page.)
Mom & Cubs @ Potts Lagoon - Day 7

Grizzles on the Beach

Float Homes Potts Lagoon

Residential School

5:00 am Sunrise Port McNeill - Day 10

Jennis Bay



Eagle @ Shearwater

Golden Days @ Waterfall


Leaving Fjordland



Heading Towards Kynoch Inlet


Kynoch Inlet

Butedale Waterfall

Hartley Bay United Church - Day 24

Corner Beam

2nd Corner Beam

Big House/Hartley Bay

3rd Corner Beam

4th Corner Beam

No to Tanker Traffic

Rafted @ Hartley Bay

Verney Falls/Lowes Inlet

Calm Waters @ 6:00am - Crossing Day - Day 30


Queen Charlotte City-Marina

Haida Heritage Centre-Skidegate

10 Hours Crossing to Sandspit Marina - Day 30

Warrior Canoe

Chief Wiiganaad (Naa'uuwans) (Chieftainship) Pole

T'anuu 'llnagaay (Tanu)

 T'annu 'llnagaay (Tanu)

Kaay Watchman's Pole

SGang Gwaay 'llnagaay (Ninstints)

Inside Museum

(K'uuna 'llnagaay -Skedans)

Hiknul'llnagaay (Cumshewa)

Ts'aahl'llnagaay (Chaatl)


Road Trip to Tlell - Balance Rock - Day 32

Tow Hill

Beach @ Tow Hill

North Beach

North Beach - Waiting for Sunset

Gift Shop - Old Massett - Day 33

Old Massett (Hospital Poles)

Golden Spruce

Pot Latch Pole/Skedans

Watch Keepers House - Skedans - Day 34

Mortuary Poles

Tanu Heritage Site

Sign Depicting Village Layout

A Village Site left to Decay

Sea Urchins for Dinner

Looking Around & Blinking House/Built During Portest 1985 - Day 38

1000 Yr. Old Spruce

Cedar Bark Scaring

Hotsprings Island - Day 39


The Gang at The Springs

Crazy Kayackers

Pat's Catch - Day 42 Rose Harbour

Dinner on Akubi

House Beam - Anthony Island

Anthony Island



Chief's House

Anthony Island



Clayburn Bricks

Gootz B&B

Anchor in Rose Harbour

Susie's Diner

Dugout Canoe

Tribute to Workers That Died During the Whaling Days


Hakai Beach Institute - Day 54

West Beach

West Beach


West Beach

Crabs on Akubi

Don Enjoying Retirement - Day 64

Leaving Forward Harbour 7:00AM - Day 68

Shoal Bay Marina

Copeland Islands