RCYC Gallery 2016
This was our first event for 2016. The Annual Sailpast was well attended and was a great success.
Sail past-03

This and the following photos are of the Sailpast 2016

Sail past-22

Sail past-20

Sail past-80

Sail past-21

Sail past-33

Sail past-27

Sail past-09

Sail past-01

Sail past-17

Sail past-57

Sail past-15

Sail past-34

Sail past-60

Sail past-78

Sail past-25

Sail past-68

Sail past-28

L Mather 2016

D. Maxewll 2016

Maxwell Visser 2016

Hobbs Watling 2016

Hobbs 2016

Miles 2016

Moore 2016

Henshaw 2016

Beke 2016

Watling 2016

Klompas McGill 2016

Mather 2016

Hanna 2016

Whitehead 2016

Rabas Lapp 2016

Ferry Ballet 2016

This and the following four photos are from the Victoria May Day week and weekend. This photo is the Harbour Ferry ballet.

Miles 2016

RCYC group 2016

RCYC members attending.

Volleyball 2

The Volleyball game between the clubs.

Volleyball 2016


Past Commodors celebrate our 75th Annivercery, complete with cake.