RCYC New Years 2013
New Year's 2013/14 our club conducted an overnight cruise to Steveston dock. 12 boats made the trip all decorated with lights and it was quite a show! This was done with the co-operation of the City of Richmond who allowed us to use both sides of the dock, which made a better presentation and left room for any other boats that may show up. Jan 1 morning we all went to the Charthouse for brunch and were joined by many more members who drove there for the event. It was a very successful event, in part because the City was able to get power to the dock, which was an unexpected bonus. We hope to continue this event this year.
Water Mark-001

Urban Escape-3

Urban Escape-2

Steveston Movie-2






Sara J-003

Sara J-001

Pacific Queen-001

Moon Star-001


From the Shore-001

Forever Golden-9

Forever Golden-8

Forever Golden-6

Forever Golden-7

Forever Golden-5

Down the Docks-4

Down the Docks-3

Down the Docks-2

Down the Dock-001


Big Bird

Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao-2



Full Moon