The Cruising Station Rules are different from the Outstation Rules. Please read them carefully to make sure your understand them. This will avoid disappointment and misunderstandings. The definition of the Cruising Season for this purpose is: May 1 - Sept. 30. You MUST have your current Membership Card or you will not be allowed to stay under the Cruising Station arrangements. The marina will NOT phone or otherwise contact the Membership Officer to confirm your membership.

TEL: 1-800-246-6011 VHF 66A

Owners & Managers - Ron Faoro & Tara Kaulback
This outline is intended to provide the parameters for the agreement between the Royal City Yacht Club (RCYC) and Telegraph Harbour Marina (THM)

RCYC will provide guidelines to its membership as to the usage of the cruising station and will be responsible for enforcing guidelines below as follows:

1. Each member will be allowed to stay for two nights including power during the Cruising Season.
2. Long weekends are a minimum of 2-day stay.
3. Members must book a reservation with the marina; they provide their name, contact number, boat name, LOA and credit card number and expiry date to guarantee the reservation. Nothing gets put through on the card and the 24-hour cancellation policy applies.
4. All members must present their valid RCYC membership card upon registration at the Marina office.
5. All members must abide to the rules and regulations of the marina, as would any paying guest.

The marina will provide moorage on an “as available” basis to RCYC members up to the amount of unused funding. Additionally the marina will:

1. Ensure that anyone claiming moorage under the RCYC cruising station are in fact RCYC members for 2020 by inspecting their valid 2020 membership card.
No card, no moorage, no exceptions.
2. Keep a separate record of all moorage credited by recording the date, the name of the RCYC member, the name of the boat and LOA of the boat. This record shall be sent to RCYC designate at the end of September 2020.
3. Moorage & power rates for May1, 2020 through September 30
th are $1.70/foot/day & $9/day for 1X30 amp power outlet respectively.
4. The marina will only charge the RCYC cruising station fund for moorage and power. Any and all other charges such as cancellation charges (if any) are to be paid for by the boater and not RCYC.
5. It is the marina’s responsibility to ensure that every boater is aware of any rules and regulations that the marina requires boaters to comply with and to undertake its own enforcement. RCYC assumes no liability to the marina other than to make payment for moorage under the agreement. RCYC is to be notified if any of its members violate any rules or regulations.
7. The marina will always allow drop-in moorage when space is available without a reservation.

John Henry’s Marina - Pender Harbour

1. Maximum stay is TWO NIGHTS during the Cruising Season.
Contact John Henry’s on VHF 66A or 604 883-2336
Click Here to see the dock plan.

2. The marina will always allow drop in moorage, but it is recommended that you make reservations as it is very busy in the summer.

3. Power is included in your moorage. Members will be responsible to pay the cost of garbage disposal and any other services, i.e. cancellation fee and recycling. The marina has a policy of charging $2.00 for garbage whether you have any or not. However, if you don't have any they will usually waive that fee if you ask them to. (No guarantee)

4. Current year's membership cards should be carried with you at all times in the event you may be requested to show proof of membership. No card, no moorage, no exceptions.

5. Respectful and courteous behaviour is expected from all members and their guests at all times. Use of the cruising station is at the member’s risk.

Saltspring Marina - Ganges Harbour - Contact VHF 66A or 250 537 5810

Cruising Station arrangements are in effect Oct. 16 to April 15 each year.
Outstation Arrangements during the balance of the year.

1. Maximum stay is FOUR NIGHTS during that time frame.

2. Power is included in your moorage. Members are responsible for any other charges.

3. Current year's membership card should be carried and must be presented.
No card, no moorage, no exceptions. Click Here to see the dock plan.