Saltspring Marina remains closed due to delays in obtaining permits to rebuild. However that has now been taken care of. It is expected to open early 2020. Updates to members will be provided by email.

The following rules are set forth to ensure fair and equitable access to the RCYC outstation for all eligible members. These rules have been approved by the RCYC Bridge who may amend them as circumstances warrant.


                    • 10. Current Membership cards should be carried with you at all times in the event you may be requested to show proof of membership.

                    • 11. Respectful and courteous behaviour is expected from all members and their guests at all times. Use of the Outstation is at the member’s risk.

                    • 12. RCYC and its Officers assume neither responsibility nor liability for members’ vessels, equipment and/or guests aboard said vessels.

                    • 13. Upon occupancy (at tie-up), a member is deemed to have accepted all of the rules, conditions, responsibilities and liabilities as stated in the RCYC Outstation general rules.

                    • 14. There are no reciprocal privileges with other Yacht Clubs for the use of RCYC Outstations.

                    • 15. Resolution of disputes regarding non-covered issues shall rest with the RCYC Bridge. All disputes shall be submitted in writing to the Commodore.

                    • 16. It is understood that in the event the Outstation is full and a member must pay moorage, all vessels at the Outstation must participate in paying this members moorage cost.